Live! Tonight! Sold Out!!

Released: 2006
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  1. Opening Logos [Stereo]
  2. Setting The Stage [Live]
  3. Aneurysm [1993/Live In São Paulo]
  4. About A Girl [1992/Live in Seattle]
  5. Dive [1993/Live In São Paulo + Interview Footage]
  6. Love Buzz [1991/Live In Dallas & Amsterdam + Interview Footage]
  7. Headbanger's Ball; A Big Buzz [Live]
  8. Breed [1992/Live At The Paramount Theatre]
  9. The Top 10 [Live]
  10. Smells Like Teen Spirit [1991/Live At Top Of The Pops, London]
  11. Negative Creep [1992/Live In Honolulu]
  12. Come As You Are [1991/Live In Amsterdam]
  13. Territorial Pissings [1991/Live At "The Jonathan Ross Show" & In Amsterdam]
  14. The Chosen Rejects [Live Interview]
  15. Something In The Way [1991/Live In Tokyo/Interview]
  16. Lithium [1992/Live At The Reading Festival, Reading, England/Performance Only]
  17. The Songs [Live Interviews]
  18. Drain You [1991/Live At The Paradiso + Interview Footage]
  19. Polly [1992/Live In Seattle]
  20. Sliver [1991/Live In Amsterdam]
  21. Media [Live Interviews]
  22. On A Plain [1992/Live At The Roskilde Festival, Denmark + Interview]
  23. Endless, Nameless [1992/Live In Seattle + Interviews]
  24. Lounge Act [End Credits]
  1. School [1992/Live In Amsterdam]
  2. About A Girl [1992/Live In Amsterdam]
  3. Been A Son [1992/Live In Amsterdam]
  4. On A Plain [1992/Live In Amsterdam]
  5. Blew [1992/Live In Amsterdam]

Originally conceived by Kurt Cobain, LIVE! TONIGHT! SOLD OUT! is a video document of Nirvana’s rise from a scruffy trio from the Pacific Northwest into one of the most iconic and important bands in the history of rock music. Combining live material from their ’91-’92 Nevermind tour, LIVE! TONIGHT! SOLD OUT! has long been the “holy grail” for Nirvana fans. Digitally remastered live performances of songs like “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” “Lithium,” “Breed,” “Drain You” and “Aneurysm” are mixed into loads of interview footage from across the world. In addition to the complete original program, several previously unreleased performances are included as bonus DVD extras.